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Circulation Clinic offers treatments in Leicester and Nottingham ranging from minimally invasive day-case procedures for varicose veins to complex major arterial reconstructions.  With recognised expertise in endovascular surgery, open surgery or hybrid surgery (combination of endovascular and open surgery) we are able to offer a variety of treatment options tailored to your specific requirements.

Whether it be pre-operative investigations, intra-operative techniques or post-operative rehabilitation, we at Circulation Clinic believe technology and its appropriate application is vital to achieving successful outcomes. 


We are pleased to offer up-to-date minimally invasive treatments for varicose veins including endovenous laser ablation and foam sclerotherapy.  Furthermore, we offer 'latest generation' technologies for the treatment of arterial disease that may traditionally have required major open surgery.  All the treatments we offer have a robust evidence base supporting their usage. 

For further information about some of the more common vascular surgical treatments we offer, please click on one of the treatments from the list or contact us. 

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