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Second Opinion Service

‘if you have been given a life-changing diagnosis you may want to make sure your doctor is right’

It is only natural to feel confused and upset by an initial diagnosis and treatment plan particularly when the planned treatment is potentially life changing. We all seek second opinions on a daily basis as part of our normal routine and medicine is no different. The Circulation Clinic is here to assist you and provide you with the confidence you need in making the best possible decision to suit your lifestyle and vascular condition.



Why Seek a Second Opinion?


There are three main reasons why it is important to always seek a second opinion: avoiding misdiagnosis, identifying alternative treatments, and peace of mind. 


We all worry that we have been misdiagnosed or that a healthcare professional is not listening to our problems adequately; this is unfortunately not uncommon. The Circulation Clinic affords you the opportunity to be reviewed by recognised experts in the field of vascular surgery. This can help ease your mind and provide you with confidence that adequate measures have been taken to validate or discredit an initial diagnosis. 


Many clients who seek second opinions learn alternative treatments exist or that treatment is possible even when advised to the contrary by other healthcare providers. The Circulation Clinic offers expertise in many cutting edge minimally invasive treatments that may not be available in other medical centres. We work closely within a multi-professional team basing our treatment recommendations on the latest research and technology advances. We will never discuss a solitary treatment option when other treatment options exist, and we will never recommend treatment when treatment is not required. We will advise you on the risks and benefits of each available treatment option, but we firmly believe the final decision is yours to make.


How do I seek a second opinion?


There are two options for seeking a second opinion:


  • Schedule an appointment to see one of our specialists​

  • Request a remote case review

What is a remote case review?

The Circulation Clinic offers a remote case review service whereby we will review your medical records and provide an expert opinion on your diagnosis and treatment plan without the need for the client to visit in person. 


How do I get a remote case review?


To initiate a remote second opinion we ask you to complete the contact form below and we will contact you directly. We also ask you to assemble for review a copy of your medical records including any diagnostic imaging and laboratory results.  We discourage clients where possible from providing their current recommended treatment strategy in their assembled portfolio so that we can provide you with a totally independent opinion. 


What can I expect from a remote case note review?


When you initiate a remote case note review our team will contact you to organise transfer of your assembled notes either through a secure internet portal or by post. Your case notes will be reviewed by two members of our expert panel and a report provided to you regarding the diagnosis, treatment options and the treatment we would recommend based on the information you have provided to us. We aim to provide you with the final report within 10-14 business days. 


How much a remote case review cost?


The Circulation Clinic charges £350 for most case note reviews. Where the complexity of the case requires our specialists to consult with other colleagues an additional fee may apply. We ask clients to arrange payment by BACS or credit card; the final report will be provided only upon receipt of full payment. 

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